Alexa Baughn

Administrative Associate

As Administrative Associate, Alexa has a seasoned career in the Real Estate/Escrow industry spanning over 12 years.  Alexa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role and is also a Notary Public. Alexa focuses on exceptional attention to detail and a proactive willingness to assist wherever needed.

Alexa’s education and personal experiences have seamlessly woven into her professional career. While her initial academic path led her towards a minor in sociology, her transition to pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration showcases her adaptability and passion for growth.

Outside of the office, Alexa’s heart for volunteering shines through.  When time permits, she has enjoyed her involvement with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Feeding America. In the future, she plans to involve her daughters in her community service and instill the value of giving back.

Alexa bonds with her daughters through their shared love for music and theatre, often engaging in lively singing and dancing sessions. In addition, Alexa enjoys her personal hobbies, crafting digital planners and journals.