Manufacturing & Distribution

Meeting business and financial goals means overcoming a host of obstacles, from increasing costs and global competition to changing regulatory and tax environments. To succeed, manufacturing and distribution-related companies need a trusted advisor who understands the industry and has the expertise to help them capitalize on opportunities.

LevitZacks is proud to serve as an advisor to numerous manufacturers, distributors, and consumer products companies. They turn to our tax, accounting and consulting professionals because of our deep resources, our industry knowledge, and the personal, shareholder-level service we provide.   We serve the specific needs of:

  • Consumer products companies
    Along with providing tax and assurance services, we can help you sort out inventory and production challenges.
  • Distributors and wholesalers
    You may be facing tax exposure even in states where you have no physical presence; we can advise you on nexus and other tax issues.
  • Manufacturers
    We advise on current tax incentives for manufacturers that develop a broad range of products.