CPAs and Advisors with an Eye for Opportunity

At LevitZacks, we’re advisors, tax consultants and audit specialists. But we’re also in the business of helping organizations make the most of business opportunities.

Our skill set allows us to assist clients in a broad range of areas, from the tactical to the strategic. We help our clients make smarter decisions, minimize their tax burden, meet compliance targets — and when they are ready, achieve their loftier goals.

Our key service areas include:

We perform audits for privately-held companies — and for more than 30 years, we’ve voluntarily participated in AICPA’s Center for Public Audit Firms, meaning that our work undergoes peer review for quality. More important, the financial statements prepared by the professionals of LevitZacks are invaluable financing tools and will meet the needs of many users.

When clients need the next level of support and guidance, we also provide comprehensive estate planning services, liquidity event advisory services, business valuation, investigative services and more. And for clients with international operations, we are able to extend our services worldwide through our membership in Crowe Global through CPAmerica.

To learn more about our broad offering of services, please contact us.