Keolani Tayag

Audit Associate

As an Audit Associate, Keolani drafts financial statements, prepares budgets, conducts financial audits, and verifies the financial information of organizations. She is in compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles and government auditing standards in performing financial statement audits.

Keolani consistently improves internal controls and advises clients on any control issues.  She is known for her clear communication and enjoys being a team player, helping clients prepare for the future.

Prior to joining LevitZacks, Keolani worked in public accounting as a Staff Auditor at Jeanette L. Garcia & Associates in San Bernardino, California, and as an individual tax preparer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and H&R Block.  She also has experience in local education agencies and real estate. As a mom, Keolani is driven to obtain as much professional experience as possible, to inspire her daughter with the idea that “she can do it all” also.

Keolani earned a Master of Science in Accounting at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA to pursue a CPA license.

Keolani is extremely passionate about San Diego’s Miracle Babies. The organization greatly assisted her when her baby was born prematurely and had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for two months.  Keolani’s family participates in fundraising for Miracle Babies helping others in the same situation, to learn more about their mission and resources.

In her spare time, Keolani enjoys hiking and camping with her two dogs, running marathons, and spending lots of time with family.