Malcolm Shearer

Senior Audit Associate

As a Senior Audit Associate, Malcolm has a passion for problem-solving and client satisfaction.

Malcolm’s journey in the field of auditing spans 6 years, during which he transitioned from the retail auto parts industry to pursue his true passion in accounting. Malcolm consistently proves his dedication to clients by helping them better organize their audit process, ensuring that what was once a burden becomes a value-driven experience. His commitment to finding answers and completing tasks on time has earned him numerous compliments from both colleagues and clients alike.

Beyond his work at the firm, Malcolm believes in giving back to the community. He actively volunteers and supports various causes, especially those focused on helping those in need. Whether it’s coaching, mentoring, or contributing resources, Malcolm remains deeply involved in making a positive impact.

When Malcolm isn’t immersed in the world of auditing and philanthropy, he enjoys spending quality time with his son. An adventurous spirit, Malcolm loves traveling to lesser-known destinations, with a prime example being his exploration of Svalbard, an archipelago at an astonishing 78 degrees north latitude.

Malcolm holds a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, providing him with a solid foundation to excel in his professional career.

Having joined LevitZacks in July of 2023, Malcolm brings a fresh perspective to our team.